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    Agent online games, how to join the mobile game to join


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. If you want to be a game agent, large mobile games will not directly give you an agent (unless you are very powerful), and it is difficult for you to find the proxy entrance. Therefore, there are many joint transport companies who want to act as an agent. These companies have a large base. Popular mobile games will go under them. Then you take the agency authority from there to promote a mobile game. The overall mobile game market is fast big cake. Can you do it? The big company's game agent can't take it down at all, such as Tencent, Netease, etc., Kenben has no entrance to you (I believe that some experience, I also go to their entrance)! To be honest, not, because the game market is all handed over to the game joint transportation.

      The must find hot -explosive games for
      However, its main purpose is to make profit, not to play games, and the games may not like to play. Generally, it is a game that is popular with players and can bring benefits. Therefore, when choosing a game, the agent should not choose the game according to the game you like to play, but the market. If the game that the player likes, the agent also needs to understand the game's gameplay and content. After all, you need to guide the player to consume. Of course It is the best game that can make money. rnrnrn代理一款游戏,并不需要太多的资金,很多的游戏代理平台都是可以一天一结,所以在市场上来看创业门槛是比较低的,而且No professional skills are needed. Large platforms such as returning mobile games generally provide training for agents for free, and many people are more likely to play games. In this case, these people already have some majors of some game agents. Skill foundation.
      It in the promotion of the game, according to different promotion plans, some funds may also be required. Those who have sufficient funds may choose to promote through the model of buying or paying advertising. If you have no funding, you can choose to manually promote it in public areas such as some platforms, forums, and video platforms.
      It, the promotion of mobile games is a promotion process, but the product is replaced by the game. These are the processes that agents must experience. A good promotion method allows players to be trapped in the game. Coupled with the advantages of the game, it can attract new players to join through old players. income.
      The personal experience summary, the cost of the agency platform (in fact, it is also a penny and one goods). If you measure it for shopping, the company's service field is valuable? The quality of the game is valuable? Is the system valuable? The most critical thing is that you can make money by being able to make a customer (big truth) a lot of cheap on a certain treasure. Remember that most of them or basically are not the game joint transportation platforms, or the agent below the game joint transport dealer. You are after the level (this one involves some game promotion in the field of expansion, individuals still have some fast ways to break through)

    2. Many people make mobile game agents decided when they are more impulsive. Even some of the mobile game agents do not understand what they do, but they are easily entered by some merchants as soon as they flickered. Intersection
      This This article will deeply analyze a series of things before and after the mobile game agent enters the industry. I hope it will be helpful for newcomers who want to enter this industry or have just entered this industry.
      . Questions that need to be considered before doing mobile games
      The mobile game agent belongs to the category of Internet entrepreneurship. The first thing entrepreneurs must have mentality issues: ① have a positive and tough mentality, Don't take "I can't do" as an excuse for self -denial! Only if you do anything, you know where you are not enough to further correct it. A positive mentality should be "I try" instead of "I can't". ② Stressing and self -discipline mentality. It is not smooth on the road of entrepreneurship. You should prepare for the psychological preparation of stress and setbacks. We must bear the loneliness to bear the ridicule.

      Then there is the ability of the ability: ① Learning ability, always study, absorb, and transform in the process of entrepreneurship. ② Thinking and practical ability, and through continuous learning, think about summarizing a model that suits you to operate.
      . How to choose a platform that suits you
      Thenexes when you have the basic mentality and ability above are the mobile game proxy platform. Choosing the right platform can be regarded as the first step. If you want to enter Friends in this line must be brighten their eyes to make a choice. From the perspective of franchise methods, I divide it into the two categories as the following figure. Everyone knows at first glance

      It after understanding the franchise method, it depends on what services and services this platform can provide for franchisees. Support is the most important thing. Many platforms will advocate how many powerful drainage software they will provide in the future, how many departments will have more training and services to you and provide various support and help It seems that you do n’t need to do anything after joining, and there will be a bunch of people to solve the problem for you. When you encounter this situation, you must think about it. Why are you doing such a powerful software? Do you want to serve so many people alone? Is it possible to have these people to do something else? As a industry person, my suggestion is that even if only one person is willing to really share his successful experience and selflessly with you, and let you completely copy the operation every step, then it is very good. s things.

      The third question after selecting the platform is:
      . What do the mobile game agent do?
      The two major ways of monetization of mobile game agents ① is to promote the game to make flowing water. Practice. There are many ways to promote mobile game promotion. I have talked in other articles. I will not list them one by one. After finding several methods that suits you, you can insist on doing it.
      The focus is on the agent of the same level. In the early days of the business, the most suitable for the newcomer instead to collect the agency of the same level to earn agency fees. Why? Because most people do not have their own resources and gaming circles in the early days of the agency. It would be difficult to rely on flowing water alone, and some people would have no granification, and even how to survive is a problem. At this time, you can collect the same agent first, share the platform with people who also want to start a business through mobile games, quickly increase the income, and provide the foundation for future flowing water.

      . How to choose to operate your own game or game box
      Is to consider what should be developed after surviving. Two categories,

      are active income. Whether it is mobile games moving bricks, e -commerce platforms, online celebrities, wecant, or short video editing, these are active income, all through continuous continuous throughout Worked the content to win the traffic directly. The advantage of this model is that it is fast, just like the traditional mobile game moving bricks or traditional mobile game promotion. ;

      It is passive income. After absorbing powder by the content of the content, it can be used for secondary transformation. It can be text content or video content. For example, some knowledge paid big V is insisting on sharing dry goods and sucking powder. After the number of fans is up, the project will be transformed into the project to generate benefits. The shared dry goods will continue to bring traffic and fans to him.
      The passive income model requires a lot of energy to establish channels. There may be no income during the process of construction channels. However, once it is completed, his income is continuous. There are countless successful cases.

      It friends will definitely say that I also want to make passive income, but I will not say that I will not write what to do. When you say it, you will return to the first point. If you won't learn to accompany you, copy the industry leaders and competitors, here is also reflected in the third point to build a knowledge system framework. After the framework is built , Persist in continuously to input and output, so sooner or later you will become a big man in the industry!

      In the correct operating method to determine how long the future way can go, so we must make long -term planning. The above is some understanding of my opponent's mobile game agency industry. Of course, it is also applicable to any industry, hoping to help those in need.

    3. You go to a mobile game publisher to learn about the market first, and analyze which type of mobile game agent you are suitable for. Be prepared from your own side. It is best to have a team of 3 or 5 people in the early stage. Start funds, computer configuration, studio, prepare here, and find a regular and legal issuer company to understand cooperation and jointly operate mutual benefit and win. It is generally proxy in the form of cooperation.

    4. First, since it is a game agent, then you must choose a platform and choose a reliable platform that is suitable for you,
      There is no player in the game,
      How to make money without player agents?
      It is to provide later services, including the maintenance of the platform, how to promote yourself, and so on.
      The second is the promotion of the later period. It was best to promote it for free at the beginning. Using the advantages of the media to reduce your early investment.
      Ittically, you can do paid promotion.
      This is to see if you want to work hard. The more you pay, the more you get

    5. First of all, you need to find a reliable mobile game platform, and then learn about franchise conditions. It is best to go on the spot. At present, there are many mobile game platforms on the market. You can also find a lot of information.

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