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    Ask a question: Can the game "Ace Fighter" really make money?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Ask a question: Can the game "Ace Fighter" really make money?”
    1. I can tell the original poster exactly and affirmatively. This game really can't make money. It's like Kuaishou Speed ​​Edition or Douyin Speed ​​Edition. You can only make a dollar every day. Every month, it is okay to force the toll fee for spring. It would be impossible if you count on it to make money. I used to do this before. A fighting and card game of the landlord came. It is said that it will be recharged after the 50 red envelopes are enough. That was almost half a month after I played. After saving fifty and fifty dollars, red envelopes. The game prompts me to make a recharge call. So it's really pitted.
      The ace fighter
      The king card fighters, although I haven't played it. But now this similar money -making game is inseparable. They are all routines. Don't expect to make money with them. If you want to make money, let's work hard! It is basically impossible to make money by mobile phone. It's okay, brushing videos like some money -making software, the first charge fee is still possible. It is impossible to achieve a lot of money.

    2. I have played myself. The first 0.5 yuan, you can withdraw 5 days in your sign -in, but the latter 15 yuan, you have to sign in for 10 days ~ Finally, you have to sign in, and you also invite 10 friends, and you have to watch the video alone. And it is not a nonsense without being included in the bonus assistance. The latter 30 withdrawal has not yet been played, it is estimated that it is an incomparable task. If you get it 100 yuan, you need to clear the 1,000 levels. If you want to hit the 1,000 level, you must continue to shuttle in time and space (the saying in the game) that you will continue to start from level 1 to enhance the fighter. If you can persist. It can be hit at almost 1,000 when you shuttle. I guess half a year has passed. In the end, the withdrawal is possible, but a lot of tasks need to be completed, and it is a stepped task (such as ~ sign in _ invites friends _ in sign -in). It takes a lot of time to improve the level, and the fighter level is not very important. It is mainly to unlock the wingman. No matter what tasks you want to complete, you need to watch 30-60 seconds of advertisements to complete. It can be reflected by 100 for half a year. I did not hit the 1000 level. I have to meet this requirement, it is really difficult and slow. According to the task step layout of 15 yuan, even if it reaches the 1000 level, it will invite you to 100 friends to withdraw. Add pits on the pit. After jumping all pits, 100 yuan will return to you. It can play in other games in its advertisements, you can also download a few more, and you can withdraw more than 1 yuan a day, but you still have to look at nearly 200 to 500 30 seconds of advertisements. ~ You cow, don't be brainwashed when you look at it so much. I wish you a happy game, and the buddy went to D (őдő๑).

    3. It is deceived. It can be withdrawn at 1 yuan. The next one is 15 yuan. Start prompting 10 days of sign -in to be withdrawn. After 10 days of signing in, you will be prompted to be withdrawn 249. An effective friend, endless, let alone 30 yuan, 100 yuan, monster moth does not need to guess how much.

    4. I really cheat, and how many levels of you can reach you when you sign in, and how many levels are full, let you invite ten friends, thieves pit, it's all routine you

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