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    How bad is Michigan State University


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. You can ask this question! Is Michigan State University bad? American AAU School! The world ranking is also very high, killing many famous schools in China. According to the ranking of QS, only five schools in Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan, Shangjiao, and Chinese University of Science and Technology are better than Michigan State University. See below:
      2017qs World University Rankings TOP400 China and the United States ranking school names in English name/region
      1 Institute of (mit) American
      2 Stanford in Stanford in the United States n3 Harvard Harvard United States
      5 Institute of (Caltech) California Institute of Technology
      10 University of Chicago OF Chicago
      11 Princeton University n15 Yale University
      16 Cornell University University Cornell
      17 Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins University
      18 University of Pennsylvania
      20 Columbia University
      23 University of Michigan, OF MICHIGAN
      24 Tsinghua University tsingHua China
      24 Duke University
      26 Northwestern University American
      28 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) US n31 University of California, Los Angeles, OF, LOS Angeles (UCLA) US r r
      39 Peking University Peking China
      40 University of California, San Diego (UCSD) US
      43 Fudan China
      46 New York (NYU) US
      49 Brown University in the United States
      53 University of Wisconsin Madison of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States
      58 Carnegie Mellon University
      59 Washington University of the United States
      61 Shanghai Jiaotong University SHANGHAI JIAO TONG China
      66 University of Illinois University Ubon-Champagne OF Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States
      67 Texas University of Texas at Austin
      71 Georgia Institute of Georgia Institute of Technology
      78 North Carolina University Church Shan of North Carolina, Chapel Hill US
      85 California Xue Davis School of, Davis American
      88 Ohio State the United States n89 Boston University
      90 Rice U.S.
      92 Pure US
      95 Pennsylvania State University Park Branch State
      104 Chinese University of Science and Technology of China of Science and of China
      106 St. Louis University in St. Louis
      110 Zhejiang University r
      110 n115 Nanjing University NANJING China
      118 The University of California Santa Barbara Branch of, Santa Barbara (UCSB) US
      131 University of Maryland College Park of Maryland, College Park US
      136 University of Southern California in the United States
      137 The University of Minnesceda Double City of MINNESOTA
      145 Pittsburgh University of the United States
      149 Emory University
      156 University of California Erwan College DARTMUTH College United States
      160 Texas Agent University Texas A

    2. Michigan State University is a public university located in Donglanxin, Michigan, USA. Michigan State University is the first university established in the United States
      The university established according to the Land Dialing Act. As a top public research university, Michigan State University is known for education and
      The theory of agriculture and communication. It is also a pioneer in packaging and music therapy. one. According to statistics from Shanghai Jiaotong University and American News and World Reports, the top 100
      of the world University of Michigan State University, 71st in 2012, the United States.
      Mortgen State University was established in 1855. The prototype is a gift college established in accordance with the 1862 Morrier Act. It is located in the dense
      East Lanxin City, East Lanxin, the capital of Xiegen, has an area of ​​5,200 acres, with a total of 642 buildings. Forest land for agriculture, animal and forest research.
      The State University of Michigan is not only famous for education and agriculture and communication theory, but also a pioneer in the research of packaging and music therapy.
      Mortgen State University has the second and long history of hotel management in the United States. The overseas training courses of Michigan State University are the largest in the full
      The largest of the unique campus university, providing more than 60 countries in more than 60 countries, all over the continent, including Antarctica

    3. Referred to as MSU, established in 1855, is located in Donglanxin, Michigan, USA. It is a world -class public research university. It is one of the members of the American University Association (AAU) of the top North American university academic alliance. "Public Ivy" University. You can learn from studying abroad.

    4. Michigan State (Michigan State), or translated as a Michigan State University, referred to as MSU, was established in 1855.
      ANE, East Lanxin, Michigan, USA, is a world -class public research university. It is a member of the American University Association (AAU) of the top North American university academic alliance.
      The State University of Michigan has more than 30 National Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, and Academy of Education.
      The introduction to study abroad, many majors are at the forefront of the United States, including education, agriculture, media theory, packaging, music therapy, garden architecture, management, environmental science, etc.
      The school ranks in the top 4 in the field of media, operating and management is 10th in the United States, 13th in the United States, and the top 20 majors in international finance and marketing.
      The school also has the oldest garden architecture in the United States and the second long -term hotel management college.
      The overseas training courses in schools provide more than 60 major majors in more than 60 countries, covering all continents (including Antarctica) around the world, the largest of a single campus university in the United States.
      The school is a traditional sports school, a sports team with the first -level league of the American University Sports Association (NCAA). He has won the national rugby and basketball championship many times.
      The scientific research results of Michigan State University
      The research funding for Michigan State University is very high. In 2002, it set a record high of investment research records, spending a total of US $ 28,787,700. For example, the first recorded corn
      has a genetic hybridization and increased yield. In the 1930s, it invented the average milk of milk. In the 1960s, scientists at Michigan State University invented the drugs against cancer
      (Cisplatin). Today, Michigan State University continues to study in various aspects, including the "MSU-DOE
      PLANT Research) and a national superconducting particle rotation accelerator laboratory, which cooperate with the Ministry of Energy of the United States. Particle accelerator.
      2004 The scientists of the particle recovery accelerator in the year of the particle recovered with a "锗 sixty" isotope. In the same year, the University of Michigan State University, the University of North Carolina and the Brazilian government started the construction of the Southern Research R
      Telescope for the abbreviation of SOAR) at the Southern Mountains. This long -term telescope for multinational cooperation allows the physical and astronomical departments to study the composition and origin of the universe. At the same time, since 1999, Michigan State University has participated in another cooperation plan to develop local biotechnology in Michigan's local biotechnology
      The library library of Michigan State University
      Mortgen State University Library is the 26th National Congress of North America's academic library system. It has more than 4.7 million books and 6.4 million books. Micro -shrinking film. A total of nine branches of the library system. Among them, the collection of Africa is the largest in the United States with a total of more than 200,000 projects.
      It other noteworthy collections include Better Valley Sound Database, more than 40,000 hours of insiders
      and more than 100,000 people from different living styles. And Russel B. Nye Popular Culture
      ), the content includes a large number of American comics collection. This set includes more than 100,000 comic books, 10,000 related books and journals.

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