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    Is it credible for recycling the game account on Taobao? Intersection I have tried it, urgent


    Sep 22, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Is it credible for recycling the game account on Taobao? Intersection I have tried it, urgent”
    1. Usually it is a business with the Treaty Treaty. It is not very credible. It is necessary to find a reliable platform. The common ones are as follows:
      1, 5173
      5173 are the largest virtual item trading platform in China. Established In November 2002, it was a high -tech enterprise specializing in providing online games and e -commerce services. At present, there are many functions such as gaming equipment, game coins, game account numbers, generation training, props, and ordering card recharge. The safety is extremely high.
      2, trading cats
      It professional mobile game trading platforms, after the official launch operation on July 6, 2013, it mainly provides game coins, equipment, account numbers and other game transaction services for popular mobile online games. IOS, Android and other mainstream mobile phone operating systems, as well as multiple game channels such as UC, 360, and 91.
      3, DD373

      DD373 was established in 2010. It is an e -commerce website that provides online game transactions and digital product transactions. There are more than one million registered users on the website, and DD373 has more than a thousand new users registered every day, with broad development prospects.
      4, salted fish
      The salted fish is a second -hand trading platform owned by Alibaba. Members only need to log in with Taobao or Alipay accounts. There is no need to go through the complex store opening process and the transaction process is perfect. Remember to record screens in salted fish transactions, leave evidence, after all, it is a virtual transaction, safety first.
      5, Tao mobile game

      Tao mobile game () was established in October 2013. It is a high -tech enterprise with online game e -commerce services. Standardized operations of large -scale professional online games and digital products online trading e -commerce platform.

    2. Brother, you don't need to think about it. Now many businesses on Taobao are scammers and are completely overlord clauses. After cheating your account, he will confuse your account problem with various reasons. I encountered it, and I cheated a game account of 1300 yuan

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