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    Seeking the English version of the English version of James and Howard McDonald's Advertisement


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Two wars: why do we love each other such hatred against Boston and Los Angeles? The main reason is of course they hate. This will be their first 12 times meet up in the finals, below is our love their 12 reason.r nrn1 in the sports, because even if you have never found a "BEAT L.A.) than (Los Angeles" cow down the slogan. BEAT the LA has become the NBA gms slogan, but only holding Boston, they lifted its soul with beer, exhausted every bit of strength, the scene like if permitted, they will be together, the lakers player jump stands. Two years ago, a 39 points, the lakers have a 17th were unable to make them real , after the game, gathered in the celtics fans outside the garden, the lakers to throw stones on the bus.rnrn2 because it is Americas four league history to a pair of rivals. To: day massacre, Kevin McHale for Kurt rambis the , Magician Little Against LiverPool, Magic and Bird ... if the double arrogant, Will sfht ... They are just part of the feed grudge specul AR Lens.

      3 millions of people 23vs24 dream agian, can only be smoothed the that the lates with celtic, every david safety, cheap nhl jerseys, now propably. for the celtics now than the 2008 teams stronger. Thanks to the "start April rivers save three giants, repair big three" plan, Pierce, ray Allen and Kevin garnett in the playoffs, they found the youth in the playoffs to wade, James, has the team knocked out. Howard, Besides, the celtics now not only three giant, rondo in the playoffs, has proven he is also a star, 5 days of rest time enough for him to recover from a back injury.rn rn5 the lakers because now than in 2008 the total runners-up better team. Last season they tasted ,team jersey, kobe Bryant and taste of his teammates have how to succeed in the finals. Artests join to their limits of the best Weapons Paul Piercept, as they say, maybe nobody can become true "" ", but the true is classly the most closest for the people. he lakers have to follow the intensity of Boston. Two years ago, they have bynum,Artest Authentic NHL jerseys defense, though currently knee injury will keep him out of close to 100%,real jersey, but at least he has height and bigger enough to fight garnett, perkins, Wallace and big baby. In addition, pau gasol said, he has many strong than two years ago...rnrn7 because Bryant filled with hatred. The celtics assistant Tom thibodeau defensive strategy in 2008 to Bryant, the lakers have the game 6, he made just seven of 22 shots. Kobe Bryant, the celtics in the heart of his rivals, anger will inspire his most perfect .rnrn8 because we will see most of the Hollywood stars. You will see them on the sidelines swearing or even make obscene gestures, the lakers opponent is the celtics, the staples of all the fans are all must, whatever you a 8-year-old child, or make a Scene will take $ 20 miss stars.

      9 when game to boston, we will see the legend. Ry West, Tom Hanson, SAM JONES, KC Jones, The Levites, Hough Cut, DAVE, They Will All Come Evans, When Celtics at Home in, We Like in the Corridor. R R R R n10 because red auerbach will there, even if it is just his spirit and his soul. He hopes to witness the 10th in Boston in the finals beat the lakers, he hopes to see the Boston history 18th to win. His name was written on the ceiling, write flag with his name will be lifted by fan slogan, therefore, he is still here. Doc rivers said: "my first day at work, Boston is hungry, want to get something to eat, passing the bishop office. See HIM Inside, so he asked: "I help you with something?" The Answer is: "bishop agin good, ILL take one."!
      n1 for the title of spiecil. If the lavers win, it was will be phil Jacksons first 11, perhaps last , This will be Bryants first five , he will thus become, Duncan, beyond shaq era of this great stars. If the celtics win, they will be in the history of the team, Boston fa ns really put their for Celtic history, and the third dynasty era and the big bird russell-era mantle for!rnrn12 for the celtics and the lakers in the finals in June, we will meet again on the second Great Heard the Slogan: Boston Sucks (Boston Sucks!

    2. Biebi bouncing and dunk, winning lunch, not allowed to run, jump in place, as a result, a computer stunt, and the last lunch was eaten by others. Do you want English or translation? Intersection Intersection

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