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    What are the conditions for game studios to join?


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What are the conditions for game studios to join?”
    1. 1. There is no need to go to office buildings, just have a room. 2. You don't need to configure a high -profile computer, you can use it. 3. There are no more people, 3 to 5 people in the early stage. 4. Turn your cost to the minimum minimum. 5. As long as there are cattle partners, as long as you have many players, the others are superfluous. 6. Those who want to do, teach hand in hand, come to the company to learn and train.
      This joining is a very low threshold. As long as you have game player resources, you can join the joining. Give a certain proportion of promotion division. Generally, it is divided into about 60%of Chengdu. The benefits of joining mobile games. It is discounting for recharge, saving money and worrying.
      The players who are interested in various mobile games can consider joining mobile games in Fenglin Mobile Games (14294). In 198, they applied for first -level joining. They have their own independent promotion background, developed secondary joining, divided into 60%, divided into 60% Left and right, more than 85%of games can be joined.

    2. Many people have chosen the game virtual trading industry now, which is undoubtedly a good choice for the current young people, but many people do not know how a game studio operates, how it starts, and how it operates it How to make a profit, where the LUNGGAME customer service staff actually interviewed a lot of Xiajia studios. Here I summarized the experience, hoping to help friends who want to start working rooms.
      In fact, it is easy to open a studio. The general step is:
      1. Prepare computers
      2. Recruit employees
      3. Buy account number
      4. It is easy to look at it, but if we really want to do the studio, we still need to pay attention to it, so let's talk about it in detail below a studio from establishing to operation and what to pay attention to.
      1. Preparing the computer, this depends on your actual situation. Some people may have opened an Internet cafe before, and there are ready -made computers. This step is much easier. It is part of the computer directly in the Internet cafe to make a studio as a studio. If your Internet cafe is in business, then we will discuss that you first divide a part of the computer to make the studio. When the studio enters the right track, it is not too late to see that there are more profits than Internet cafes.

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