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    What are the recommendations for rewarding employee teams to reward prizes?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What are the recommendations for rewarding employee teams to reward prizes?”
    1. You can distribute some practical and memorable prizes.

      1, style:
      chess and cards: Go, Wuzi chess, chess, checked, military flag, etc.;
      , Badminton and rackets, table tennis and rackets, etc.;
      skate boards, skateboarding, roller skates, etc.
      2, electronic products:
      u disk, mobile hard disk, mobile power, headset, headset, mouse, keyboard.
      3, small home appliances:
      yogurt machine, ice cream machine, small fan, etc.
      4, clothing shoes and hats daily necessities:
      socks, baseball caps, pillow towels, summer quilts, water cups, umbrellas, etc.
      5, you can also reward the company's customized supplies:
      The company custom version U disk, company custom doll, company customized handbag, company custom pen, neutral pen, and company custom water cup.

    2. 1. First of all, talk about civilization, politeness to give people warmth and happiness. In daily life, telling civilization and politeness can bring happiness and harmony to others. For example, after accidentally stepped on others, he said "I'm sorry"; after the help of the person, Tao said: "Thank you." These loving words bring warmth and happiness to others, but also bring themselves happiness.
      2, followed by civilization, understanding and politeness can enhance cohesion. Those who talk about civilization and politeness often smile, meet friends and colleagues, a smile or a cordial greeting, can bring a good mood for others for a day. In the collective, everyone gets along friendly and helps each other, forming a joint work, learning, and struggle together. The cohesion of this virtuous cycle effect can overcome all difficulties.
      3. Talking about civilization and politeness can promote the development of society. Living in a large social family requires communication and cooperation between people, civilization and politeness, and the relationship between people will be more harmonious. This will directly or indirectly generate a motivation to promote social development.

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