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    What can I make money in Alipay?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. I saw those advertisements that can make money to make money. I basically have skepticism. It is enough to play for a few minutes of meal a few minutes a day. I do n’t believe it. I think they may really have money, but it should be just a little bit of money. So I tried it myself. Don't say, the reliable mini -game can really be a little wool! Not much to say, share with you a few carefully selected selection.
      The money of dinosaurs
      1. This is sent to me a friend I know. Its gameplay is to synthesize two same dragons and turn it into a new dragon.
      2, the gold coins can watch a small video of 30 seconds to produce new dragons, you can watch a dozen times a day. You can receive red envelopes to a specific level. The picture below is the withdrawal mechanism. It can be operated for half an hour a day. It can still get it quickly. My friend has mentioned more than 500.
      3, you can invite friends to play with this kind of mini -game, they have the introduction of advertisements and synthetic new dragons. Playing games can also make money, synthesize a dividend of about 300 yuan a day, and the full 0 investment only needs to move your fingers every day.
      Happy pig farms
      . The same routine as the first game. These two games are a bit high, and it takes a few more days to take it.

    2. Generally, clicking the game in WeChat may have a newly downloaded reward red envelope, but this is withdrawn to WeChat; secondly, some apps such as Weibo can be bound to their Alipay, so that playing games or signing in the event collection in Weibo The red envelope can also be withdrawn to Alipay

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Fruit elite fruit elite is a small game that is best used to relax. You can get cash when you play a few days a day. A few dollars make a lot of money. This is a lot of income every day. 2. Super fruit and super fruit gameplay is not complicated, that is, to make a brain and find a way to make the props in the game more, it is very simple! This game is getting more and more addictive, and I can't stop recently, mainly because I can make money! 3. The difference between Youseyouye and other fruit games is that it has a multiplier field, and rewards can double! In addition to the multiplier field, there is also a leisure field to experience, but it is best to go to the cash field if you want to make money. 4. Crazy fruits are another fruit casual game! It seems that I have a good opinion of such games recently! Mainly, I don't want to change other mobile games. 5. There are a lot of gameplay in the wilderness. You can hang up or win gold coins. It ’s not boring for a long time! If you want to experience the feeling of getting rich in an instant, download this game, make money while playing! Can you withdraw money to Alipay (mobile phone game mini -game) 6. Happy fruit wants to make pocket money? If you think, you must play this mini -game. It can bring you joy and bring you RMB. 7. Journey to the Westward Journey to the West is the game with the theme of the west. Players can win the gold coins, and then use gold coins to exchange some rewards. The more gold coins win, the higher the reward. 8. Monopoly entertaining this is not a man we usually play! It's just that there are too many rewards to get monsters in the game, so they will be named the rich. 9. Lucky Star Lucky Star can catch dolls or break through! There are too many fun places. The most important thing is that it can make money! 10. Do you like farm games in Sunshine Farm? Can you make money? If you like Sunshine Farm, it is a very good choice.

    4. Today's headline speed version,
      , Douyin volcano version,
      free novels of book flags,
      Douyin Speed ​​Edition,
      Tao Tao (Taobao Live). and many more.
      can be withdrawn to Alipay.

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