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    What games are fun now


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What games are fun now”
    1. There are still many fun games. For example: 1. "Giant Beast Battlefield"

      did you think about seeing the prehistoric giant again in the era of science and technology? This game can satisfy all the fantasies of the player. Both the overlord dragon and the triangle dragon exist in the game, and can help players to expand their territory by continuous training.

      2, "The Realm of Wanling Mountains and Seas"

      The development game system, in addition to many professional choices in the game, the setting of pets and partners is also very bright Eye. Players should obtain the best pets by cultivating training, and partners must also choose a reasonable tag amount to help players defeat strong enemies.

      3, "Bingyuan Guardian"

      The game -themed game, how can players use resources in the ice field to survive. Construction gameplay is not only rich and interesting, but also can cultivate dragon pets to help fight. With the improvement of the level, the strength of the dragon pets will gradually show.

      4, "Kingdom of Defense 4"

      The new product continuation of the defense theme, which belongs to the tower defense type in the gameplay. In the battle, players must not only use defense buildings to attack the enemy, but also the hero's choice and skills are also critical. The game has multiple modes to choose from, suitable for players at different stages.

      5, "World Ejection Story"

      The ejection game of casual themes. The main gameplay is to use the marbles to attack the enemy in each level. The unique attack method makes many players like this game, and at the same time, there are many choices of characters, and their abilities have their own abilities.

      6, "Black Moon"

      The game of cross -version customs clearance, the professional selection of the game and the setting of skills are very rich. After the transfer, the character's appearance can not only change, but also set the skills according to your own habits, the morphology will also be different.

      7, "The head of Shushan"

      This game is an analog type. The head of Shushan played by players must not only do daily cultivation, but also for Zongmen Make long -term consideration. In the game, there is not only the experience of the main line plot, but also the free gameplay of the open world. It is recommended that you experience it.

      8, "Liao Zhai Sou Ling Lu"

      The game is a strategic setting of the turn -based system. In the game, the spirit teacher played by the player must adventure in the world. In the process, a lot of demon spirit will be conquered and uses the demon spirit to help him fight for victory. The development of demon spirit is also a major feature of the game, you can experience it.

      9. "Wu Lin Xian Xia"

      The protagonists who grew up in Penglai Island have also been practiced. It is also more interesting. Different camps and attributes are also restrained. Use these settings to break through the rivers and lakes.

      10, "Rage Legend"

      The legendary mobile game, everyone is definitely familiar in the gameplay. The main reason for recommending this game is because the operation is relatively simple, and there are many settings in the gameplay, so

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