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    What is the egret engine


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Egret Engine (Egret Engine) is an open source free mobile game engine built in the Egret era. Through the egret engine, developers can quickly create a WEBVIEW mobile game that can run on the mobile app or the HTML5 mobile game in the browser. It can also compile and output cross -setting native mobile games based on Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Applying the EGRET engine to develop HTML5 mobile games, which not only allows H5 games to have a powerful performance, but also high efficiency.

      The project directory as follows: There are two folders that need to be concerned: Launcher, SRC.

      launcher folder, what needs to be cared about is the INDEX file, and the file is the entrance of the project. Egret helps to build it, you can modify the contents yourself, as long as you do not kill the loading frame.
      The it is necessary to explain that the u003Cdiv> of the ID of the ID is a place for the game engine to operate. The framework will automatically establish a u003Ccanvas> below u003Cdiv>, and then draw the game interface on it. You can control the style of GameDiv yourself, don't delete or modify the ID. There is no other need to pay attention to the Launcher folder.
      SRC folder below the two files. The suffix is ​​TS, which is a file. In fact, it is just a super set. Among them, Loadingui.TS does not need to care for the time being. This is a prompt interface that allows users to wait at peace when loading the webpage.
      The following is the most important Main.ts.ts.
      The two methods marked are what Egret does to HTML. The entire hello world analysis is over.
      egret uses language, and the ID (INDEX) file is labeled with the ID of the GAMEDIV (adding a canvas u003Ccanvas>). The project was launched to main.ts, and main.ts will load pre -prepared resources. After the resources are loaded, they will start drawing the contents of u003Ccanvas>.

    2. The EGRET engine is an open source free game framework, which is used to build two -dimensional games, demonstration programs and other graphical interface interactive applications. Egret develops with script language. When the game completes the final packaging, the program can be converted to HTML5 game. Realize cross -platform characteristics.
      egret is not just a game engine based on HTML5 technology. In addition to the EGRET engine, we also provide a lot of auxiliary game development tools. To be precise, Egret is a set of game development solutions. You can use the EGRET engine to help you develop HTML5 games and run in your mobile phone and PC browser. At the same time, you can use the relevant tools provided by Egret to build your own game development workflow.

    3. The Egret game framework developed in the Egret era, engaged in mobile games, I heard that the industry is very professional. It is estimated that in the era of the front -end industry, its mobile game market accounts for more than half of the share.

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