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    What is the order of changing three cards in Chuanma?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is the order of changing three cards in Chuanma?”
    1. Sichuan Mahjong's change of three card replacement order is the number thrown by all players, the number of instead of the clockwise, starting with 1, who will take whoever who will take it. If you count it to yourself, take the card of the left person on the 5, and take the card of the right on the right. A total of 108 pieces in Sichuan Mahjong, removed the wind cards, arrows and flower cards. There are only three three -color cards, 36 per color, a total of 108.
      The characteristics of Sichuan Mahjong changed
      A lacked Kehu. Can't eat cards. Barbly make up the next card. The family did not end the game, and Wei Hu's players continued to play until the end of the game ended at the end of the three cards or cards. If there are two or more unless cards when the card is touched. At this time, the call is called.
      The 14 cards, first cards, 13 cards per person per person. Can be touched, can be eaten. The cards of the touches and the barbaris should show the card (even the secret bars must be all showing the card). There is no concept of "front of the door". A man of fire is responsible and has nothing to do with others. Make up the next card after the bar.
      It if others have given up the card when playing cards, the same cards that can be played by another person in the same circle can not be played until their own cards, but they can be Hu. For example, Hu Hu 250,000, the next family played 20,000, and could not fight 20,000 to the family, but when playing 50,000 can be shot, the artillery person transferred the income from the barrel to the artillery. If there is more than a sound of the artillery after the bar, the point of the artillery will lose the points obtained by the rigid bars to the point.

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