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    What is the working process of a game tester?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “What is the working process of a game tester?”
    1. The working process of a game tester is: the requirements analysis phase, the test plan stage, the test design phase, the test plan stage, and the test execution stage.

      . The work content of the game tester:
      1. Responsible for the test design of the company's game products, formulate test strategies, evaluate test risks;
      2. Test test plan, test case;
      3. Reasonable evaluation of the overall function of the game;
      4. Write and submit a test report.
      . Occupation requirements:
      1. Education and training: computer -related majors or familiar with the basic operation of the computer.
      2. Work experience: love games, have the spirit of hard work, and can accept repeated labor. Qualified game testers must have the ability to plan games or write programs, and must have considerable patience and careful testing.
      . Salary market:
      The salary of game testers is relatively ups and downs according to factors such as enterprise size and city. The minimum monthly salary is only 2,000 yuan, and the higher ones can reach 9,000 yuan. Foreign companies generally provide relatively good treatment. Of course, white boxes have certain requirements for the English level of practitioners. The experience of practitioners is an important indicator of measuring salary. For the position of game testing, skills and methods need to be accumulated through practice, so the longer the job time, the easier it is to get higher salary.

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