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    Why is Yi Xing so unpopular in "Glory of the King"?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Why is Yi Xing so unpopular in "Glory of the King"?”
    1. The upset is that Yi Xing Tai needs teammates.
      Yi Xing caused 175 ( 18%spell attack) spell damage to the designated area and spread to form a chess array. Qi/50%attenuation accelerates for 1 second, which will be triggered at most.
      Is when the chess array is too far away, the chess array will dissipate and release the second paragraph after the release. After a brief delay, the target direction of the enemy is inhaled to the center of the chess array. Damage; this skill increases 180%of the damage to non -hero units.
      I Xing used his own position as the corner of the chessboard to draw a void chessboard. After 1.5 seconds, the chessboard was completely formed, and the enemy was hit for 0.5 seconds. The chessboard lasted for 4 seconds.
      The enemies in the chessboard during this period cannot leave the chessboard. The chessboard continues to superimposed the enemy heroes 3 times to remove the air mark, and at the same time exposes the field of vision. If you successfully trapped the enemy hero, Yi Xing stores [Flying Attack] once.
      The smaller the area of ​​the chessboard, the shorter the cooling, and the maximum reduction of 40%. During the formation of the chessboard, Yi Xing obtained 30%~ 70%attenuation and movement.

    2. The hero of King Glory Yi Xing is more upset because of the rigid board of skills and the difficulty of getting started, and requires a good consciousness with you, so it is relatively unpopular.

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